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Trainer customization is back for Sun/Moon!!!

Also does anyone else think that with all the Kanto Pokemon getting attention that we'll be seeing another remake for Red/Blue/Green because I am really down for that.
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From September 16 to December 23, the Pokemon Youtube channel will be uploading short (extremely short) anime episodes based on the games. The style looks slightly different from the Origins episodes, but SQUEE~ anyway! (Source!)
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Players in Europe and Australia can now download a Meowth with the move Happy Hour in XYORAS by entering "HAPPY" into Mystery Gift. Happy Hour is an events Pokemon-exclusive move that lets you double the amount of money you earn at the end of battle, and it stacks with Amulet Coin/Luck Incense and O-Powers.
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[personal profile] feicui suggested that I advertise this here. (Thanks again!!)

PokeStop - A Pokémon Go Community

[community profile] pokestop is a brand new community dedicated to all things Pokémon Go! It's a place for news, advice, and tips related to the game, as well as fanworks and anecdotes that arise from gameplay.

Everyone is welcome: whether you've been playing the Pokémon franchise for years, whether you played Niantic's previous game Ingress, whether this is your first exposure to either or both, whether you're a casual player who likes collecting pokémon, or whether you aspire to control every single gym in town. You're all welcome.

Come join us at [community profile] pokestop & let's have some fun!
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According to Kotaku, a live-action Pokemon movie has been green-lit in Hollywood, although production won't begin until late next year.

Oh ... dear ...?
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HELLO ALL! How is Pokemon Go going for you? ;)
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Amendment to the previous post about the 20th anniversary Mew: the newsletter only applies to people in NA.

HOWEVER, everyone else can grab the same Mew (again, only if you didn't already get it in February) using the code MEW2016.

P.S. Don't forget to grab your Manaphy while you're at it.


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