Whoops up late again.

Jul. 22nd, 2017 02:21 am
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I am very tired and going to bed now. Yes.

Sorry for such a shitty entry but I know if I stop making daily entries I'll go months without updates and I'm TRYING to keep some sort of life-record so I can remember shit in the future, so yeah.

Nothing much today, domestic stuff and fic, mainly. Now is naptiem, yup.

@___@ *flump*

Jul. 21st, 2017 12:54 am
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I really, really need to not watch let's plays of 3D open world games, omfg. /o\ Don't ask me why, but they make me SO DIZZY, it's horrible. I'm fine if I'm the one playing them, assuming I have a controller. If I have to try and play with a mouse, though, nope, same problem. Though actually I think she was playing keyboard-and-mouse style, so maybe it's just mouse-controlled cameras that are the problem. Anyway, I need to NOT DO THAT, because the kinda dizziness that comes with it DOESN'T GO AWAY unlike, say, motion sickness, so yeaaaah. Ugh.

In other news, my Cunning Plan to relocate shoes has worked. Definitely need some kinda dividers, because they don't stack as-is, but yes. Progress!! It feels weird, though, when I look at it. I'm hoping that will fade as I get used to it Being Different.

Tomorrow is be clean barfroom day, and hopefully also getting this freaking sorting-out-old-papers stuff done day, I didn't work on it today because reasons. And by reasons I mean I went op-shopping with Mama because she needed a thing, which is super draining. (Not that Mama BELIEVES me when I tell her this, but. Small steps. Small.)

summer 2017 anime recs

Jul. 19th, 2017 05:53 pm
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So, I'm one for making lists and such, and I also like anime, so I figured it'd might be worth my time to list my anime recommendations for this season. [In my personal opinion], I think there are a lot of better hits this season than the last couple. And maybe there's more that I'm personally not interested in watching. So many people work hard to produce anime, so there should be appreciation for most of them. c:

Anyway, based on my notes, here's a list of five different anime that you can watch.

1. Princess Principal While the character designs did not strike me as anything out of the ordinary at first, The surrounding background and details within the characters makes up for their average anime faces. This is about four girl spies who double lives as ordinary noble students and spies in a Victorian-age AU. If you watch to the second episode, there's a plot twist that's very cool in noting. Despite the girls' young age (around high school to 20), there's no fanservice, either. I think this might be one of the dark horses this season that turns into something really cool.

2. A Centaur's Worries It's based on a manga and it's a pretty chill slice of life of humans who range from centaurs to angels to merfolk. There's some fanservice here and there, but two episodes in and it's one of the least gross anime of the monster genre that I've seen spike in popularity in the last few years. All of the characters are super-cute, too, and it's an anime you can watch with a beer after work or school.

3. Made in Abyss One of two current anime recommended to me by a friend. The animation style's cute, with almost chibilike designs for the characters, but there's a dark undertone to the plot beyond the surface. Think of orphaned kid miners who scavenge for relics to keep up their orphanage. But there are two things that stand out. The first is the discovery of a kid robot who's lost his memory, and the other is that there's this giant pit [the abyss, ba-dumtzz] where if you mine too deep, you risk your life and your humanity. The opening/ending and other music used is also pretty solid.

4. Vatican Kiseki Chousaken Miraclebusting priests? Miraclebusting priests. I actually couldn't take the first couple of episodes seriously, nor could I say it's gonna be a box-office classic. It might be partly because I'm not Christian (I'm agnostic), but it's just so over-the-top serious with a splash of murder that I'm gonna have at least a field day watching. There's also this image in the first episode of a nun eating a hot dog. You're welcome.

5. Kakegurui The other anime that I was recommended to by my friend. I also heard about it being mentioned by another friend. You can sum it up as sadistic rich girl gamblers, but that's underrating it a little because the spin with these sadistic rich girl gamblers is a lot more interesting than it first sounds. Again, while the art's I suppose average with the animation, some of the facial expressions they make are flawless. They really capture the dark, twisted side of a person.

I might keep up the list-making thing a lot more frequently because I really, really enjoy thinking about lists, but I haven't been doing too much of it lately for reasons. At any rate I hope all of these anime meet my expectations. More on that may come in the future.


Jul. 20th, 2017 02:01 am
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I threw out something like two kilos of paper today. THAT IS A LOT OF PAPER OKAY?? Just. Wow. SO MUCH CRAP. Still have to organise the stuff I'm keeping, but yeah. It's a thing.

Also there's a hot dog event on the pet site, draw a hot dog custom and get it uploaded for free, and even though I don't like hot dogs and wasn't planning on doing one, well...

grumpy purple dragon eating a hotdog

So much sorting. SO MUCH.

Jul. 19th, 2017 01:31 am
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I have two large piles and a small pile on my floor right now. Recycling, binders/folders/etc that are now empty, and the stuff I'm keeping, in that order. Mama's getting very ARGH about it, because for whatever reason she's fairly invested in my room being tidy, but I've still got about a third to go, so yeaaaaah.

Still. A LOOOOT of stuff going out! Which means I have more room for things, so HOPEFULLY I'll be able to get some stuff more organised! Haven't 100% decided what I'm going to move into that space, there's a bunch of possibilities. Might move my tech stuff? But I have hopes that I can rearrange my desk so that it both fits on here and is easily accessible, so maybe not... *ponders* May have to play around with things until I find something I'm happy with, honestly.

Though I just Had An Idea - not for this stuff, but for some other stuff - so I might try that out before I actually go to sleep. Yes. Goal for this break, btw, is to find somewhere to keep my shoes, so they're not in a pile on the floor for another six months, hahaha.

There's Sergals In This Post

Jul. 18th, 2017 02:28 am
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So I guess related to my last post about Ownership,

Back to the subject of death of the author, I hate that this phrase is regarded as a universally positive thing.

I mention the word rapist but there's no actual assault, also I mention genitalia attributes?? more rambling )

Press Start Letter 2017

Jul. 17th, 2017 10:55 pm
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Hello there… Press Starter? Player One? I'm not sure what the best video game metaphor is here, haha. I'm so happy you've signed up to create some sort of fic or art for me, and I cannot wait to see what you'll make!

I wrote a whole lot of words below, mostly because I like talking about video games a whole lot, but I'm actually really easy to please; I like fluff and darkfic and everything in between, I like SFW and NSFW, I like all kinds of tropes and plots that range from the relatively restrained to the completely off-the-wall. Whatever you create, I'm sure I'll love it!

Press Any Button )

Summer 2017 anime I'm watching

Jul. 17th, 2017 10:49 pm
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New stuff that started this season:

*Made in Abyss
*Love and Lies
*Princess Principal

Stuff continuing from the previous season:

*My Hero Academia S2
*Sakura Quest

Incidentally, the other shows I watched last season were Attack on Titan S2 and Anonymous Noise. I still need to watch the last two episodes of AoT, actually. >>;

Whoops up super late >>;;

Jul. 18th, 2017 02:21 am
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I maybe got my brain eaten by Starbound this evening, whoops.

But! I did do stuff today! Tidied shit, went for a walk with my parents, started clearing out some old uni stuff - which, speaking of. I've been going through and throwing out TEN YEAR OLD ESSAYS, what the actual fuck is this shit. Just. How has it been ten fucking years since I started this whole higher education thing?? And I'm still in fucking first year! Time is such bullshit, I swear.

Also did a bit of art and read things and yeah. Plenty of stuff happened! Just um whoops late now. >>;


Jul. 17th, 2017 08:50 am
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Friends and acquaintances have come and gone in my life. Some amicably, some... Not so much. But one thing I want to be clear about: My pain is not your pain.

If I have had a falling out with a person, I generally don't want other people involved if they weren't already involved before hand. I don't like losing friends, I get no pleasure in cutting off people I cared about so I don't like it when I'm not allowed to grieve. Talking about how 'bad' an ex-friend was, doing nothing but pointing out the negative, that doesn't help me. No, really, please don't find me and tell me what tiny, minuscule infraction bad ex-friend is doing now unless it's relevant. Maybe a little comeuppance where appropriate, or settling of concerns or fears, but really, they're not a part of my life, I don't need to know what they're doing with their lives unless it's to help me avoid them. If I have someone filtered out, there's a reason for it. Good things happened with those people, let me have that at least. Not everyone copes in the same way and that's fine.

Related to that, I do not care who are friends with my ex-friends. Those people might have hurt me but that doesn't mean it's the same for everyone. Other people are allowed to have different experiences with ex-friends than I had. Long as you don't try to force me to interact with them, I don't care. At most, there are some people I worry about being mislead or mistreated by a person, but if there has been change I'm not going to let personal experiences get in the way of that. (for the record, I don't negatively judge people who can't be friends with people who are interacting with an ex friend especially in an abusive situation) At the most I'll worry about people getting abused themselves by people that have hurt me, or I may not trust them as much, but can't really force them to 'choose'.

Interpersonal stuff is complicated.


Jul. 17th, 2017 12:38 am
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Read more... )


Jul. 17th, 2017 02:05 am
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Today was very chill, yes. :3

Went for a walk with Mama, and played a lot of Starbound. That's... more or less it haha. Didn't really mean to play THAT much game, but, well, sometimes that happens.

I DID get a Hat Pikachu, though! :D Am verra pleased, now I have at least one of ALL the special edition pikachu! (Do I care about pikachu? No. But they're collectable!! And if I get enough candy I'll make them all into special edition RAICHU, which are clearly 1000x better. >D)

Let's do another one of these!

Jul. 16th, 2017 10:14 am
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Character headcanon meme borrowed from [personal profile] cypsiman2:

Send me the name of a character and I will tell you my:

1: sexuality headcanon
2: otp
3: brotp
4: notp
5: first headcanon that pops into my head
6: one way in which I relate to this character
7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character
8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?

the leek diaries: 01

Jul. 15th, 2017 08:55 pm
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(This blog does not endorse / condone any potential leaks that may/may not be true and is only writing from an entertainment perspective. Thank you.)
With the new games Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (USUM) releasing in November of this year, there's bound to be all sorts of wild theories and leaks leading up to the game's official release, ranging from close enough true to flat-out bullshit. And while we can't expect as much to be speculated as the original Sun and Moon games, given that USUM is only set to be an alternate universe and not sequels from a timeline perspective, there should be enough "leak value" on the Internet to keep us entertained long enough until November rolls by our footsteps.

So, after talking with some friends regarding this first claim of leaks, I thought it'd be fun to do some sort of series(?) speculating what may or may not actually happen in USUM. Our first batch of leaks comes from one of the mighty 4chan posters on the mighty 4chan, notorious for their leak-leaking:

1. Trailer 2 is coming August 6th
Fairly plausible. I would expect something to be first hinted in August's issue of CoroCoro, but with CoroCoro information sometimes comes trailers. And we haven't really received any information since E3.

2. The new trailer will show off with showing major character changes. Lillie is your rival, Gladion takes care of Nebby, and Hau is the first Trial Captain, using Psychic types.

Possible. I wonder just how much of an alternate universe USUM is actually gunning for in Gen 7. Hau and Gladion were the closest to being your rivals, so if Lillie is your rival and Gladion is Nebby's caretaker, it begs the dying question as to whether Lillie and Gladion are going to be doing some type of role reversal, where Lillie is in Team Skull and Gladion is just running from his mom. Would Lillie eventually have the Type:Null as well? My biggest concern with this role reversal is that the current SuMo roles really did good on both of their character developments, so to change that would really be peaking interests if done right and can open up a whole lot of material for fanfiction/fanart/etcetc.

As to Hau being the first Trial Captain, that would displace Ilima, so where to put him? Is he "graduating" from his role as a Trial Captain? Is he sticking to the Pokemon School as the knightly prince? It'd be cool if Hau were the kahuna instead, but he is pretty young still.

3. *Mimikyu Horror Form description*
It sounds absolutely terrifying, but people have been wanting to know what's really under a Mimikyu ever since the little bugger was announced. It's like how many licks you get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. I'm not sure if anyone would be truly satisfied.

4. When it undergoes this change, it becomes ghost/dark and the opponent auto-flinches the turn it's unveiled. It's much faster and stronger, and has a higher Special Attack than Physical now, though it's Physical attack is still higher than normal Mimikyu, but has abysmal Defense and Special Defense.

I mean, Mimikyu's Def/SpD wasn't that great to begin with, so I would at least expect a whole bunch more Mimikyu on Wonder Trade.

5.Then it shows Salazzle Gangster Form. It is always male, and can only be obtained by leveling up with the move Thief. Its ability is Prankster, and is Poison/Dark. *detailed description follows*

I love the idea of both male and female evos, ever since Gallade was introduced in Gen 4. This could also be possible foreshadowing as to what pokemon Guzma / Team Skull might be using?

6. Next it shows brand new Alolan forms.
I would think Game Freak would be stupid not to add Alolan forms, considering the hype from the Alolan forms before the official release of Sumo. So, highly likely.

7. Alolan Qwilfish is Steel/Poison, has new ability Iron Guard
Out of all pokemon, I still can't wrap my head around Qwilfish getting any sort of new redesign. Also while it's not a Kanto pokemon, I'm still hoping for more Sinnoh variants just to foreshadow (eventual???) Gen 4 remakes.

8. immune to all status(es), including minor status(es) like Confusion and Infaution(sic), but almost always goes last, even with a priority move and opponent using minus priority move. *description follows*
Sounds like bullshit. Also broken on a few different levels, probably.

9. Alolan Snubbull and Granbull, ground for Snubbull, ground/fighting for Granbull. Ability is Intimidate on Snubbull, Knockback for Granbull.
Plausible, more plausible than Alolan Qwilfish. (I have nothing against Qwilfish, by the way. There are just a lot more pokemon I would consider before Qwilfish, even in fan variations.)

10. Alolan Slugma is Ice...abilty(sic) is Freezing Pressure, makes water moves used on it sent back at 1.5x power as an Ice Move. However, Fire moves, even ones that don't do it, have a 100% chance to burn when used on Slugma.

After Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales and Alolan Sandshrew/Sandslash, it's not impossible. I just wish for an ice buff.

11. *description of Z-Ability*

I think if true this would give using Z-Crystals more incentive. At the very least, it would produce a lot more explosive punches in the anime.

plausibility of overall leak: 4/10. I do believe we'll be getting actual news soonish, but I don't think there's much credibility to these particular leaks. There's a lot more to hunt in 4chan and other sites for now.

Livejournal only.

Jul. 15th, 2017 01:56 pm
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I am far too busy with work and school these days to keep up with more than one online journal. I am back to posting at Livejournal at the link, and will no longer be posting here. http://electricnight.livejournal.com/

*hisses at the outside*

Jul. 16th, 2017 01:13 am
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It's so cold I'm going to bed not because I'm tired - I am super not - but because my hand feels like an icecube and there's really no point staying out of bed just to poke at clickypets breedings - I can do those in the morning. >:

Ugh, it's been freezing today. I've been coughing a bunch even though I haven't gone outside, the ambient temperature's just been... not good. Have spent most of the day wrapped up in blankets, hahaha!

I did, however, get a bunch of dusting done, which is nice since it was on this week's Cleaning To Do List. Using Trello for that seems to be working well, too, which is nice. :3

And now, TO THE DOONA!!! And blankets. And yes. >>;;

Pokemon fic

NSFW Jul. 15th, 2017 12:36 am
john_egbert: Remind me to underachieve twice as hard from now on. ((KH) Demyx *Underachieve*)
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RL Stuff )

I've been doing a lot of the little mini-prompt challenges, but right now I have no idea where to post them? They sort of feel too short and piecemeal for AO3, but I don't have a writing Tumblr and I hardly ever post my fics to DW... plus, there's a few I might want to flesh out and try to turn into full works. Maybe I should make a writing Tumblr? But IDK, that kind of feels presumptuous somehow. I don't feel I have enough of a following to make that happen.

In other other news, I'm determined to watch the Castlevania mini-anime this weekend. I keep hearing good things about it, and it looks like just the right size for a little weekend snack.


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