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A photo of Castelia City from Pokemon Black and White

Postponed until the spring!

Calling all NYC metropolitan area cosplayers (or, anyone close enough to come!) My friend and I are trying to organize a New York City photoshoot on either Sat., Nov. 17 or Sat., Nov. 24 in the theme of "visiting Castelia"—or, we're pretending that NYC is Nimbasa/Castelia and running around Manhattan taking a mess of pictures. All pokemon cosplayers and fans are welcome!

If you'd like to sign up for the photoshoot and receive updates, go here! For more details, click the "Read More" below:

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So I went to Otakon and I cosplayed HGSS!Green (or Blue), and I took tons of pictures from the two pokemon photoshoots at Otakon, as well as photos of basically every pokemon cosplayer I could find. I thought this might perhaps be relevant to someone's interests!

My con report is over here
And if you just want photos without any rambling attached, they're over here, though they're not sorted into just-pokemon photos so you'll have to do a little digging.

Did anyone else here go to Otakon? Everyone I met there was so amazing and friendly!


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