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My anime club is showing a pokemon movie for an event we're running later this week, but we're not sure which one we should show. We already showed the first movie some time before, so we'd like to show something else. Do you folks have any suggestions? My friends said that the first four movies are good, and the third one (the Entei one?) was recommended specifically, but more input would be great.

Thanks in advance!
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Have you guys seen this yet?

I took one look and saw a Pikachu holding a sign that says "I support Team Plasma!" I think that speaks for itself.

the skitty

Aug. 25th, 2012 03:51 pm
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I've been trying to raise a skitty for a while now, but I've been wondering which moves would be best for one.

Right now, she has attract, assist, faint attack, and zen headbutt.
She has high speed and def.

Along with this, could I also inquire about the zorua?
I'm trying to make a duo team of these two.

Thank you in advance.
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hello first post here
i was looking for active communitys on here and i found this one
so in your opinion
mainly in the games (but anime counts too)
which pokemon has the creepiest cry?
in my opinion its Whirlpede
because even though im 18 the first time it heard its cry i jumped 10 feet
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So I lost my entire White Forest because my DS Lite suddenly shut down due to my carelessly leaving the C-Gear communications on. And unfortunately, I saved on my Black cart after importing people from there. Is there ANY WAY to get people in my White Forest without being right next to another DS? Like, showing up every day, talking to people, stuff like that?

I'm kinda desperate here, lol.

BW2 trailer spoilers )
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Do you name your Pokemon?

If you do, how do you come up with names? Do you use themes?

I usually pick random names, but playing Black I've started doing themes - right now I've got an Audino called Moneypenny, a Herdier called Mathis and a Purrloin called Xenia - all James Bond characters. (I'm debating what to call M, I'm thinking some kind of bird Pokemon.)
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I just fished out SoulSilver and wiped to start again - I got most of the way through a while back, but I used the Action Replay and had a bunch of cheated pokemon in there, and I want to do a clean run through. (This is where I really wish you could have more than one save per card.)

I'm about 2 hours in, and I've just met Joey and his infamous Rattata...

Which game are you playing? Is it your first go, or a rerun?
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Hello everyone! It's been a bit since Black & White came out in English, so for everyone who's filling up their Unova Pokédex, how about a post to share your thoughts?

Which version of the game did you get? What do you think of the Unova region and its Pokémon? Were there things in particular that you liked or disliked? Did you like Bianca and Cheren?

Please remember, anyone who wants to leave their friends code in their comments and arrange trades is welcome to do so!


Sep. 25th, 2010 09:04 am
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So I just found this comm, and am somewhat new to DW!

I see lots of discussion of BW, and I'm excited for the games, but carefully not clicking those links! I want it to be a fresh experience!

BUT as far as actually contributing - Nuzlocke runs! Who here is doing them? Who has journals/tags in their journal for their Nuzlocke? Let's share! Or if you've just been keeping things to yourself, how about the most striking thing that's happened in your run? Which rules are you using? Have you cheated at any point because it just hurt too much? Come on, let's support each other in this trying challenge!

[personal profile] houndoom is my Nuzlocke (and future general "hardmode" game challenges) journal, where I'm currently running the challenge on Yellow. I want to see your runs, guys! o/

tiny edit: For those who are all "Wait, Nuzlocke? What's that???" here are the rules! There are lots of "variant" rules that can be found if you Google around, but those are the most basic ones.


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