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Just a reminder that Pokemon Bank's free trial ends after Friday, so if you weren't planning to pay but still want the "event" Celebi, get to it!

Also, if you haven't heard, Nintendo will be shutting down wifi services for the Wii and DS/DSi in May, so if you had any trading planned, you better do it fast. Supposedly this won't affect PokeTransfer (BW to B2W2) and Poke Transporter (gen 5 to gen 6).
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As X/Y draw near, I've started thinking about finally fighting Red in SoulSilver. The problem I face is that while I do have a team put together with which to fight him, it's in the low 60s, and his lowest-level Pokémon is level 82. (His highest-level 'mon is [highlight to read: (skip) a Pikachu who is level 88.])

Does anyone have any advice for how to level from the low 60s to the mid 80s? It was bad enough before Gen 5 spoiled me with Audino and Nimbasa Stadium, but the only ways I can think of to level that high in SoulSilver are a) repeatedly re-fight the Elite Four b) repeatedly re-fight the gym leaders in the dojo c) drag a high-level 'mon with Pickup through several hundred battles to get rare candies d) do the Pokéathlon enough to have enough points to buy rare candies. I don't think there's a fifth option I've missed, and none of those sound like all that much fun. (The Pokéathlon in particular makes me think favorably of sticking toothpicks under my fingernails.) Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the process less ghastly, or commisseration about how ghastly it was for you and I can just suck it up and soldier on, or anything else of note?

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Hey guys

i've just started playing pokemon silver again and was wandering if there is a way to capture an abba, they always seem to teleport :-(
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Last time I played SoulSilver I used a walkthrough. This time I can't find the one I used, so I decided to just play along.

I get to Mahogany Town. Kick some arse in the gym... then can't leave the town. I back and forth for a while, looking around... and then I realise I've managed to skip two towns/gyms. *facepalm*

Has anyone else managed to do this kind of thing? Now I need to backtrack to Ecruteak and work out what I'm doing from there.
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Gamestop Free Exclusive Character Distribution

Hey, just wanted to say that Gamestop is currently having an awesome pokemon release, giving out Suicune, Entei, and Raikou for Pokemon DP or SS/HG. Currently they're giving away Entei until tomorrow (the 23rd) and Suicune will be given away from January 31st to February 8th.

AND if you trade one of them to B/W you can get a the super secret pokemon Zoroark! (who is a wee fox thing that is kinda cute)

ETA: Forgot to mention that the three legendaries are also SHINY POKEMON! And are thus, very shiny! :D
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Hi, just wanted to give a heads-up that Nintendo is giving away Mew! That's right, the adorably awesome MEW can be yours if you have Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver!

The event lasts until Oct. 30th, all you have to do is connect via Wi-fi and use the mystery gift. That's it! I haven't gotten mine yet due to difficult wi-fi shenanigans, but I'm definitely looking forward to it.
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Hey you! You live in the U.S., Western Europe, or Japan?

Got a copy of Heart Gold or Soul Silver?

Then you can compete in the 2010 Pokémon World Championship! Woo!

There's lots of rules, and a list of banned pokémon, but it looks kinda cool.

I'm Canadian, so I miss out, but if any of you guys go, you should post and tell the comm all about it so we can die of jealousy share your adventure :D
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Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver are out.

Has anyone got theirs yet? What do you think - is it as good as the original? The new features look nice.

What did you think of the Pokéwalker?
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Hi there!

I want to restart my Diamond game file, but I have tons of lv. 1 pokemon that need to be given away first!

All I'm looking for in return is FODDER, because I'm restarting the file.
All are nickname-able unless otherwise noted. Please leave any nickname you want and your friend code in the comment!~

If you reserved a poke and haven't come by to pick it up, I'm going to PM you if possible. If not...well, the poke will probably be deleted with my game file, so get in contact with me soon. Sorries! D:

FC: Bailey ♥ 3652 5890 4931
I'm usually on at 7 pm my time (GMT +1/Naples, Italy). I'll stay around for a couple hours.

[**nature ; blurb] = momentarily on reserve. If you can't trade today, look at the bottom of the cut for your reserve poke.

HERE is the list of homeless pokemon, sorry it's at LJ but it's easier to track everything in one place. If you don't have an account over there and want one, leave a message here, and I'll save it for you. =D
All done!


Oct. 22nd, 2009 11:09 am
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Since I noticed no-one posted about it...

Players of the USA and PAL versions of Pokémon Platinum can download until November 8, using the Mystery Gift feature, the key item Oak's Letter which allows players to meet Professor Oak at Route 224, where a path will lead them to the legendary pokémon Shaymin at Flower Paradise.
Similar to Shaymin distributed at Nintendo events, players can take the Shaymin from Flower Paradise to Floaroma Town to receive the Gracidea that will enable it to change into its Sky Forme.

And remember to get your bycicles ready, because Seabreak Path is the longest route of all pokémon games so far.


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