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Someone in the Pokemon megathread on Something Awful wanted to play through Yellow with only the worst Pokemon available in that game, and someone else suggested being a renegade bad guy and only using Team Rocket pokemon. This inspired me! I recently played through Alpha Sapphire in Spanish as a challenge (my Spanish skills are, um... poor), and sent over the team I'd use the whole game in eggs, and it was actually a lot of fun having my team assembled from the beginning.

Here's what Team Flare grunts can have in X or Y: Houndour, Zubat, Gulpin, Electrike, Scraggy, Croagunk, Poochyena, and Purrloin. Eugh. Suggestions? I think I should probably keep my starter, as "the first Pokemon I got after leaving Team Flare"... should I have a dedicated HM-user too? Can I keep the Kanto starter that Professor Whoever will give me?

Also, uh, can anyone produce Zubat eggs who'll hatch with Luxury Balls? Caught myself a pair of Zubat in Alpha Sapphire, so I'm good for Zubat. I think the rest of my team will be [Starter], [Zubat], Gulpin, Electrike, Scraggy, ...something. I don't really like Froakie, but I'll need something that can learn Surf and Waterfall...

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Players in Europe and Australia can now download a Meowth with the move Happy Hour in XYORAS by entering "HAPPY" into Mystery Gift. Happy Hour is an events Pokemon-exclusive move that lets you double the amount of money you earn at the end of battle, and it stacks with Amulet Coin/Luck Incense and O-Powers.
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If you're like me and missed out on Mew in February, you now have a chance to get it again by signing up for the Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter before June 1.

This is only available if you didn't get Mew the first time.
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Hey folks! There's an event right now where you can pick up a Shiny Rayquaza that can mega evolve for ORAS. It lasts until the end of August for Australia, mid-September in UK/Germany, and early September for America. Methods vary from region to region so make sure to check the details.
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For anyone in North America or Europe who may not have heard yet, it's now possible to obtain the Eon Ticket with a serial code!

North America: 2015LATIOSLATIAS
Europe: POKEMON380381

These codes will only work until March 2nd, but it still possible to obtain the Eon Ticket through StreetPass. If you've already obtained the Eon Ticket through Mystery Gift or StreetPass, the code won't work.
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These require entering a serial code, but the good news is that these codes are universal!

Serperior POKEMON497
Emboar POKEMON500
Samurott POKEMON503

They're each usable once per game, and available until the end of November.

P.S. Samurott won't be available until Feb 5th but I thought I'd put it here anyway.
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ORAS should be out everywhere starting today. Eon tickets are going to be spreading around soon, which I'll hopefully be back with more details about later. How's everyone doing so far? Made a secret base yet?

Remember to pick up this guy over wifi:

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Diancie is available for X/Y if you go to Gamestop/GAME/JB Hifi and grab the serial code.

As for the Eon Ticket (which people familiar with Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald might be familiar with as the method to unlock Latios and/or Latias), its distribution method for ORAS will be unique in that the primary way to get it will be if you get lucky on Streetpass. If you manage to Streetpass with someone who has it, you'll receive a copy yourself.
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Hey all! For anyone who might not have heard, Nintendo is having an event where they're spreading a special demo of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire globally! You can't download it off the Nintendo eShop like you can with most game demos and these codes are all one-time use! The demo itself is 250MB or 1935 Blocks, so keep that in mind when you're downloading it to your 3DS.

The demo is set in Mossdeep City, as well as some surrounding area. You can have a choice between the Hoenn starters in their second stage of evolution. You can also fight trainers, as well as members of Team Magma and Team Aqua.

Nintendo encourages that you play the demo everyday so that way something special happens!

Serebii has a list of dates for different countries on when this demo will be released, as well as the method. There's also a ton of information on what'll happen as you continue to play the demo on the same page.

Taiwan and Hong Kong are next on the list, but the download is for a limited time (until November 28th for both) and are through the official Nintendo page on Weibo.
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The Pokeball pattern Vivillion is now available for download for European/Australian players! You have until September 9th, so be quick.

As for American players, you can download a Heracross (Pokemon X) or Pinsir (Pokemon Y) until September 17th. There is a chance to get their respective Mega Stones from Gamestop as well, but I believe it is only until August 31st, so there's not a lot of time left for that one.


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