Nov. 29th, 2013 03:01 pm
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I completed a Nuzlocke challenge at my Dreamwidth a while back! It's under the let's play: pokemon blue tag, so just scroll to the bottom and start going up fromt here. It's a screenshot run, so any dial-up users should be a bit cautious.

Hope someone enjoys!


Sep. 25th, 2010 09:04 am
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So I just found this comm, and am somewhat new to DW!

I see lots of discussion of BW, and I'm excited for the games, but carefully not clicking those links! I want it to be a fresh experience!

BUT as far as actually contributing - Nuzlocke runs! Who here is doing them? Who has journals/tags in their journal for their Nuzlocke? Let's share! Or if you've just been keeping things to yourself, how about the most striking thing that's happened in your run? Which rules are you using? Have you cheated at any point because it just hurt too much? Come on, let's support each other in this trying challenge!

[personal profile] houndoom is my Nuzlocke (and future general "hardmode" game challenges) journal, where I'm currently running the challenge on Yellow. I want to see your runs, guys! o/

tiny edit: For those who are all "Wait, Nuzlocke? What's that???" here are the rules! There are lots of "variant" rules that can be found if you Google around, but those are the most basic ones.


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