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Just a reminder that Pokemon Bank's free trial ends after Friday, so if you weren't planning to pay but still want the "event" Celebi, get to it!

Also, if you haven't heard, Nintendo will be shutting down wifi services for the Wii and DS/DSi in May, so if you had any trading planned, you better do it fast. Supposedly this won't affect PokeTransfer (BW to B2W2) and Poke Transporter (gen 5 to gen 6).
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So I literally just now got to White Forest after having played White since the day it came out, so of course White Forest is completely desolate. I'm not too terribly pleased about that, so if anyone would be willing to help me out to get the Pokemon from that area, I'd really appreciate it!

I'm also looking for a Munchlax, if anyone has one to spare.

Thanks in advance!

Hilbert. 2108 2723 3475.

Here's the Pokemon in White Forest, for reference
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Is there any way to get that one item ball in the Moor of Icirrus during winter? I know the hidden items are a no-go thanks to the ice patches, but...
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So I lost my entire White Forest because my DS Lite suddenly shut down due to my carelessly leaving the C-Gear communications on. And unfortunately, I saved on my Black cart after importing people from there. Is there ANY WAY to get people in my White Forest without being right next to another DS? Like, showing up every day, talking to people, stuff like that?

I'm kinda desperate here, lol.

BW2 trailer spoilers )
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I was wondering if anyone had ever come across a glitch where their Pokemon didn't evolve at the level they were supposed to? My Tranquil is at level 44 but it won't evolve. I don't have the everstone on it or the eviolite.

This is in my copy of Black, which I got used at Game Stop.
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Just a reminder to everyone with Black & White, the Mewtwo giveaway starts today.

Don't forget to get yours!
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Wow, it seems to be a great time for giveaways - you can now get an Arceus over Pokémon Global Link!

Go to Pokemon.com to get the password (or don't, it's ARCEUSVOTE) and from Feb. 1st to May 1st you can get your very own Arceus.


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