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Just a reminder that Pokemon Bank's free trial ends after Friday, so if you weren't planning to pay but still want the "event" Celebi, get to it!

Also, if you haven't heard, Nintendo will be shutting down wifi services for the Wii and DS/DSi in May, so if you had any trading planned, you better do it fast. Supposedly this won't affect PokeTransfer (BW to B2W2) and Poke Transporter (gen 5 to gen 6).
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Is there any way to get that one item ball in the Moor of Icirrus during winter? I know the hidden items are a no-go thanks to the ice patches, but...
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Bit of background on me as a player -- my first game was Crystal, got it in a bundle with the kiwi green GBC. Started playing the card game in 1998 or so, I'm decent but never competed. After playing Crystal I got Ruby, can't remember how far I got in that. A friend got me a .jp copy of Emerald right after the release when she went back to her home for Spring Break in 2004, I got to about the second gym on that but am paranoid about playing that cart for too long because of the battery life issue. Continued playing the card game but didn't play the video game again until 2009 when I got a copy of Heart Gold. Got White on release day, and got the Black DSi bundle to soothe my regret from missing out on the other Pokemon themed Game Boys. Like with the TCG, I'm pretty decent but don't compete except with friends. I played some of Platinum but found it harder going than HG, still working on the E4 on it. A friend is currently in Tokyo and I asked her to get a copy of White2 for me, it arrived last week and had one of the clear file pre-order bonuses. Other than being reminded how much my reading level has dropped since I stopped taking Japanese 5 years ago, I'm slogging through and having a good time with it.


It's fun so far but I may yet trade my starter and a couple others over to Black and start it over now that I'm starting to remember my verbs. Also I am super impatient for October to get here to use the 3DS features, I don't have a Japanese 3DS (playing on a DS Lite) and don't import enough games to make it worth it.
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(Is this sort of thing allowed?)

Due to the mess that is my download folder, when I played the Black and White 2 trailer it synced with a subtitle file for Scandal in Bohemia.

It was interesting, to say the least. The way things lined up is nearly eerie, at least on the parts where they did line up. Akuroma's scene just had him saying "Probably my answer has crossed yours". Boring!

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This leaked today on the official Pokemon channel, and was taken down shortly thereafter. It's available for viewing HERE on Daily Motion!


UPDATE: Pokemon company has officially released the trailer! Watch it in HD on Youtube!
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So I lost my entire White Forest because my DS Lite suddenly shut down due to my carelessly leaving the C-Gear communications on. And unfortunately, I saved on my Black cart after importing people from there. Is there ANY WAY to get people in my White Forest without being right next to another DS? Like, showing up every day, talking to people, stuff like that?

I'm kinda desperate here, lol.

BW2 trailer spoilers )
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Wow... Pokémon Black 2 & Pokémon White 2.

Third game of Gen 5, for Nintendo DS, due in Japan June 2012. Official names to be revealed next week.


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