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Holiday Shopping RP Meme
Mall madness and holiday cheer @ [community profile] pokedrifting!

Come one, come all :)
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Bring your pokémon muses, cause chaos, troll everyone, & make friends
@ [community profile] pokedrifting's ooc comm!

god I hope this advert is okay, feel free to delete if it isn't!
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  Hi guys, I'm looking for someone to RP some Pokemon slash with me,  I have a specific request. I am looking for someone who wouldn't mind playing the new male trainer from the new Pokemon game. (As seen in this new animated trailer (He's the one with the visor and the cute long socks.): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwhnt4ytE3k  I'm not sure if he has a name yet or not.) I'd like to play an OC trainer to pair him with, or I could do another canon character if you want, though I'd prefer to just use an OC. I'm still game for anyone that wants to do a slash line with other characters, though. (I mainly RP slash, though.) I have a few specific ideas kicking around and I'd be happy to elaborate in private if you're interested.

If you're interested, I'm open to a lot of things, E-mail, IMs, RPing on Dreamwidth with a musebox, etc. If you wanna get together and plot if you wanna give it a shot, PM, Comment, or you can e-mail me at granis25@gmail.com and tell me how I can hook up with you for plotting goodness. I'd just prefer to be contacted first before I give you my IM names. :)
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I apologise profusely if I needed to ask before advertising, but I didn't see a rule against interest checks anywhere, so I'm going to assume I'm not going to get my eyes torn from their sockets for doing this...hoping this is a safe assumption. xD 

Anyways, would anyone be interested in participating in a Pokemon RP on Dreamwidth? I've had a desire to RP and to start a new RP for quite a while now, and with a lot of people migrating to DW at the moment I was wondering if there might be an opening for something like this~

A few general points to note:

+ It'd be an entirely original RP no matter what form it took. So, a new region, original characters only, etc. Starting from the ground up is more fun, no? More room for creativity that way.
+ At the moment, I'd have the Gym Leaders and Elite Four as NPCs, to avoid the awkwardness if someone took one of them and decided to leave in the future, so they'd be mod-controlled when someone wanted to challenge them. However, depending on the overall level of interest and the RP format, that could change...
+ If it didn't change, everyone (excluding those taking the evil team leaders or commanders) starts from the same place: at the beginning. Fair is fair. But there would be a wider range of starters to choose from than the standard three types.  
+ Pokemorphs would be allowed, within reason (by that, I mean no Legendary Pokemorphs) and same with Rangers, Co-ordinators, Breeders etc. If there was enough interest in that there could even be special events surrounding them, Ranger missions etc~
+ There would be a general overarching plot involving the evil team (and opportunities within that) but for the most part it'd be up to people to decide what they wanted to do or where they wanted to go. Whilst the region would need to be travelled in order (you couldn't jump from the starting town to the last one without passing through all the routes, etc) there would be plenty of landmarks and stuff for you to visit as you pleased.

Ideally, I'd like to find at least two other people who would be able to co-run it with me as moderators. Mods would be responsible for controlling Gym Leaders/Elite Four members, random trainer NPCs and wild Pokemon, and general terrorizing helping people, etc. Two to start with, but there would be room for more as the RP grew in size and the workload increased additionally.

Soooo...anyone's curiosity piqued? I guess it's fairly ambitious, but if there is a lower level of interest then we could always scale it right down to have a more intimate plotline instead of an open-world kind of thing. It depends on what sounds most appealing to people who are interested! Flexibility is good, no?

Thanks for reading, in any case~


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