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Someone in the Pokemon megathread on Something Awful wanted to play through Yellow with only the worst Pokemon available in that game, and someone else suggested being a renegade bad guy and only using Team Rocket pokemon. This inspired me! I recently played through Alpha Sapphire in Spanish as a challenge (my Spanish skills are, um... poor), and sent over the team I'd use the whole game in eggs, and it was actually a lot of fun having my team assembled from the beginning.

Here's what Team Flare grunts can have in X or Y: Houndour, Zubat, Gulpin, Electrike, Scraggy, Croagunk, Poochyena, and Purrloin. Eugh. Suggestions? I think I should probably keep my starter, as "the first Pokemon I got after leaving Team Flare"... should I have a dedicated HM-user too? Can I keep the Kanto starter that Professor Whoever will give me?

Also, uh, can anyone produce Zubat eggs who'll hatch with Luxury Balls? Caught myself a pair of Zubat in Alpha Sapphire, so I'm good for Zubat. I think the rest of my team will be [Starter], [Zubat], Gulpin, Electrike, Scraggy, ...something. I don't really like Froakie, but I'll need something that can learn Surf and Waterfall...

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Giveaway time!  I have diance and shiny gengar with megastones up for grabs. They're all completely untouched, however I did use my powersaves to back up my save file in order to get multiples of them from the pokecenter. If that doesn't bother you then I have plenty to go around, when I run out I'll just reload the save file for a new batch.  :)  If possible let me know what your character name in the game is so I can quickly identify you, I have a large list of friends.

Willow: 0989-1738-6276    Status: All out for now, thanks everyone!  :)

ETA: Got all the pokemon I needed for my dex and shiny charm woo! Still giving away the events for free though.
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Does anyone have a Meloetta they can show me for dex completion? And if possible, Pokemon Bank to transfer it to X/Y if it's not already on there? (My wifi connection doesn't work for my Unova carts, only Kalos).
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I need two shiny stones and a dusk stone. They can be attached to whatever fodder you'd like and in return I can breed you any non-Kalos or Kanto starters you want. Friend Code is Dorianne / 0018-0843-1269.
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Would it be possible to get a tradeback on Genesect for my Black game? (Legit only please, even though it's just for the Pokedex entry and I'll be trading it right back.) My National Pokedex is almost full so I can offer almost all non-legendary Pokemon and tradebacks on many legendaries, just ask. (I also have an extra Articuno on my hands.)

Friends code:
1549 4525 6324

Done, thank you!
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Would any kind soul be willing to breed a Munchlax for my White 2, please? I also need a Cottonee and a Ditto, please. I would very much appreciate it. :)

FC Minnie. 3096 5826 5672.
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 Tomorrow I'm going to get my Pokemon White FC. (I started again ;D) so.. I'm desperately seeking Susan .. a vullaby.

I will put the fc out there soon. Mind you I might not have great pokes yet. :)

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So I literally just now got to White Forest after having played White since the day it came out, so of course White Forest is completely desolate. I'm not too terribly pleased about that, so if anyone would be willing to help me out to get the Pokemon from that area, I'd really appreciate it!

I'm also looking for a Munchlax, if anyone has one to spare.

Thanks in advance!

Hilbert. 2108 2723 3475.

Here's the Pokemon in White Forest, for reference
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Hey, Pokemon DW people. I'm currently trying to do a trade with someone, and it keeps failing with an error code. So I decided to test my wifi with someone else to see if my router is the problem. Is anyone willing to do a quick trade back with me? Or if you don't want to do a trade back, maybe we can actually trade? I have lots of Pokemon available just ask, like all the beginners, etc.

Thanks! :) Playing Pokemon White btw.

Kanon: 3568 - 0866 - 8790

Never mind! It worked with trading for [personal profile] jackandahat, thank you again for testing this theory with me.
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So I'm planning on restarting my Platinum game, partially because I literally have no idea what was happening last time I played and partially because I want to play through exclusively with Gen IV Pokémon, but I have a lot of Pokémon I really love that I'd rather give away than just erase, so I thought I'd see if any of you guys want them. :)

Roserade, LV35
Pikachu, LV35
Feraligator, LV32
Raichu, LV30
Charmeleon, LV30

Vespiquen, LV30
Combee, LV30
Bellossom, LV30
Grotle, LV30
Breloom, LV30
Bayleaf, LV30
Cherrim, LV30
Grovyle, LV30
Sunflora, LV30
Combusken, LV30
Drifblim, LV30
Jumpluff, LV28
Lickitung, LV20
Azurill, LV6
Togepi, LV21
Bellossom, LV40

and then I've got a couple bb Pokes, let me know if you might be interested in them.
anyway, first come, first serve 8)

FC: Dawn 1034 5305 4600
Online now!


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