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I've been into Pokemon for ages, ever since it first came out and my parents bought it for me on a whim. Since then, I've been eager for any possible way to feed my Pokemon addiction, be it through new games, browsing around the fandom, buying far too many toys, or, most recently, checking out Pokemon websites. I'm sure most of you have heard of GPX+, but I'm here to suggest a different website which I actually like far more than GPX+ (more into why in a second): The VDex Project.

VDex is a website where you go about the normal business of saving up money, catching Pokemon, and trying to complete that collection that you just have to have. However, there are some changes and notable features that make it stand out for me.

a game manifesto of sorts )

Thanks for hearing me out, everyone. It's a really great game and I'd hate to see it fade out because of inactivity, so I really hope you guys give it a try, at least. :] Mods, if this type of post isn't allowed, let me know. I didn't see anything in the rules, so I figure I'm okay, but just in case.


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